Renders & EWI

Silicone Renders

Thin coat silicone renders are becoming increasingly popular, in our opinion the best render system around!Low maintenance, extremely durable, water repellent wide colour range and look stunning ! 

Wall insulating Render systems

A system designed for the inclusion of an insulation board to the external of a building, wrapping it up to contain heat, making it far more efficient, reducing costs and improving carbon footprint.then finished in a thin coat render system in a range of finishes to suit, creating a energy efficient building that's ascetically pleasing.

Colour renders

Through colour render systems are exactly that !Coloured renders throughout its thickness, very  pleasing to the eye and come  in a wide  range of colours.

Render System build ups 

Here's an insight into how just some of the system build ups work, from a standard masonry back ground, with and with out EWI, steel and timber framed builds and ICF builds

Thermal insulated conservatory roofs

We are also qualified Thermal insulation engineers, Over recent years its become a popular cost effective way to get older, less energy efficient conservatories up to scratch. our system not only improves thermal values but also makes your conservatory useable all year round, not to mention much more aesthetically pleasing.

Venetian Plaster (Polished plaster)

Typically known as Classic venetian plaster, A seamless marble look, high polished gloss like finish and comes in a huge colour range, hard wearing decorative finish, is at home in many situations commercial or domestic !

San Marco Luxury

This Metallic finish has a faux suede ( velvety ) look, and looks stunning !! it comes in a wide range of colours to suit .

Concrete Effect Tadelakt

One of many textured type finishes, This particular look was to create a pressed concrete effect on these columns, the world is really your oyster with designs, its as good as your imagination !

Resin Flooring

Another decorative finish that has no boundaries, it can be as subtle of as creative as you like, hard wearing floors, work tops and more. naturally a high gloss finish but sealers can create a matte finish !